Orthodontic Emergencies

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How To Handle An Orthodontic Emergency

Orthodontic emergencies are rare, but it’s still important to be prepared for them so that they don’t impact your treatment if they do happen. As a rule, if you experience severe pain or have an appliance problem you can’t take care of on your own, call our office and schedule an appointment.

Common Emergencies

There are actually quite a few things you can do if something goes wrong with your orthodontic appliance.


Ortho Emergency Care 04 Abari Orthodontics and Oral Surgery - orthodontic emergencies san dimasLoose Band Or Bracket

If the band or bracket is still attached to the archwire, leave it there and use wax to alleviate any discomfort. If it comes completely loose, wrap it in tissue and call us to schedule a repair appointment. Don’t just wait until your next regular appointment, because broken orthodontic appliances can delay treatment!



Ortho Emergency Care 01 Abari Orthodontics and Oral Surgery - orthodontic emergencies san dimasLoose Wire

If you can, put the wire back in place using tweezers or needle nose pliers. You can also use a piece of dental floss to tie the wire in place, and as a last resort, you can use nail clippers to trim the wire behind the last bracket it is securely attached to. If the wire is uncomfortable, place wax over it and schedule a repair appointment.



Ortho Emergency Care 02 Abari Orthodontics and Oral Surgery - orthodontic emergencies san dimasPoking Wire

If a wire from your braces is poking out, you can use a pencil eraser to push it down or use wax to cover it. Make sure that the wire that is poking you is dry and clean before you cover it with wax. Also, remember to remove the wax before eating and brushing your teeth.





Ortho Emergency Care 03 Abari Orthodontics and Oral Surgery - orthodontic emergencies san dimasGeneral Soreness

Each time you get your braces tightened, you may feel soreness in your mouth that can make it difficult to chew. You can relieve this discomfort by rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater (just make sure not to swallow it). Over-the-counter pain medication can also help, and you can use wax to cover any parts of your appliance that cause irritation to your cheeks, lips, or tongue.


Serious Orthodontic Emergencies: Immediate Attention Required

While many issues with your braces can be addressed with at-home care for minor discomforts, certain orthodontic emergencies demand immediate attention from your orthodontist. These situations may pose risks to your dental health or cause severe discomfort. If you experience any of the following serious orthodontic emergencies in San Dimas, don’t hesitate to contact our office for prompt assistance.

1. Traumatic Injury to the Face or Mouth

If you sustain a traumatic injury to the face or mouth, it’s crucial to seek emergency care immediately. This may involve a significant impact, such as a fall or accident, causing damage to your braces or the surrounding structures. Contact us promptly so we can assess the situation and provide appropriate care. As a practice specializing in oral surgery as well as orthodontics, we are better positioned than most orthodontists to help.

2. Dislodged Appliances

In the event of a dislodged appliance, such as an expander, retainer, or other orthodontic device, it’s essential to contact our office for urgent attention. Attempting to reposition or fix the appliance yourself may lead to further complications. We’ll assess the situation, provide necessary adjustments, and ensure your treatment progresses smoothly.

3. Unexplained Severe Pain

If you experience sudden and unexplained severe pain in your teeth, jaw, or braces, it’s crucial to contact us immediately. Intense pain may indicate an underlying issue, such as a loose wire or other complications, which requires professional evaluation and intervention. We’ll work to identify the cause and alleviate your discomfort promptly.

4. Swollen or Bleeding Gums

Swollen or bleeding gums around your braces could be a sign of infection or other serious issues. This requires immediate attention to prevent further complications. Contact our office right away, and we’ll assess the situation, provide necessary treatments, and guide you on proper care to ensure optimal oral health during your orthodontic treatment.

5. Severe Bite Issues

If you experience sudden changes in your bite or notice that your teeth are not aligning correctly, it’s essential to seek immediate orthodontic attention. This may indicate an issue with your braces, wires, or other components, and prompt intervention is necessary to prevent further misalignments and ensure your treatment stays on track.

6. Allergic Reactions

If you suspect you’re having an allergic reaction to any orthodontic materials, such as metal components or elastic bands, seek immediate assistance. Allergic reactions can manifest as swelling, redness, or itching and require prompt evaluation by our orthodontic team to address the issue and find suitable alternatives.

In any serious orthodontic emergency, the key is not to delay seeking professional help. Our team at Abari Orthodontics in San Dimas is here to provide immediate attention, address your concerns, and ensure your orthodontic journey continues smoothly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter any of these more severe emergencies, and we’ll prioritize your well-being with timely and effective care.

How Abari Orthodontics and Oral Surgery Can Help

Sometimes an orthodontic emergency is not one you can solve yourself, and that’s where we come in. If the problem is with your orthodontic appliance, call us at (909) 396-9000 to schedule a repair appointment. If you sustain a traumatic injury to the mouth (such as a sports injury or accident), you might need to immediately visit the emergency room, but make sure to notify our office and your general dentist.