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What Sets Us Apart

At Abari Orthodontics & Oral Surgery, we create beautiful smiles every day!  We are committed to providing you the finest orthodontic treatment and service. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations. Your entire family’s treatment experience will be OUTSTANDING!


Dr. Abari is a frequent speaker at local and national dental associations, and trains dentists and orthodontists on the latest technology and techniques. Many dentists, doctors, and their families have placed their trust in our office for their orthodontic needs for more than 30 years.

Non-Extraction Orthodontic Treatment

My philosophy of non-extraction orthodontic therapy creates beautiful wide, U-shaped arches and great, full smiles like Julia Roberts!

When bicuspids are extracted, the dental arches tend to become more narrow and the arches V-shaped. This creates dark voids in the corner of the mouth between the teeth and corner of the lips (dark corridor), but with non-extraction therapy we are able to create a full complete smile without this effect. Also the profile of these patients ends up being more pleasing overall. We pride ourselves on creating the most beautiful smiles while applying a conservative approach to surgery and extractions.

Bio-adaptive Orthtodontic Approach

Bio-Adaptive Orthodontic Treatment

Bio-Adaptive Orthodontics is a descriptive term used to describe our orthodontic treatment technique.  This technique applies a light force to each tooth, within the body’s normal tooth movement limits.  The force applied to each tooth is 100 times less than that of conventional orthodontic treatment systems.

The light Bio-Adaptive treatment forces are applied to each tooth through a low-friction bracket system allowing each tooth to move freely in whatever direction is desired by the orthodontist.  The light force maintains tissue oxygenation and prevents undesirable effects, such as root shortening.

Teeth actually move faster with the lighter, continuous forces supplied by our Bio-Adaptive treatment technique when compared to conventional techniques which use high forces and stiff archwires.  This is true because all forces are within the body’s normal adaptive range.

Benefits of Bio-Adaptive Treatment

  • Develops a balanced, full-face smile

  • Produces a stable treatment result

  • Significantly fewer extractions

  • Utilizes a more comfortable bracket design

  • Fewer office visits

  • Longer time between appointments

  • Reduced treatment time

  • Increased patient comfort

  • No root shortening

In Office Records

We do not refer our patients out for records. We offer state-of-the-art digital X-rays, which eliminate 70 to 90% of exposure to radiation. This equipment also cuts the environmentally hazardous waste that results from developing traditional film-based X-rays. We are the first office in Southern California to offer this. We use computer-aided imaging and radiographic analysis to evaluate and explain your orthodontic options accurately. Our office and diagnostic procedures are integrated by means of the most sophisticated orthodontic computer systems available. From scheduling appointments to taking pictures, we have streamlined the process to make it as hassle-free as possible.

Fun Filled Environment

We offer monthly patient contests and incentive programs. We encourage our patients to practice good oral hygiene and cooperation with their treatment plan, as reward they can earn Abari Bucks to make purchases at our Abari store with the Abari Bucks they earn. We offer an internet Cafe with computer games  as well as delicious coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

Early Orthodontic Treatment Benefits

Many developing orthodontic problems can be intercepted and corrected if diagnosed and treated at an early age. Abari Orthodontics strongly recommends children to have their first orthodontic evaluation at age 7, or younger if the front four permanent teeth have replaced the baby teeth.

An easy examination will determine if the child’s dental and skeletal growth is proceeding properly or if interceptive treatment is advised. Many times the developing problem can be corrected using sophisticated removable appliances instead of traditional braces.

Class III Skeletal Malocclusion Correction with Frankel III Appliance.

Class II Skeletal Malocclusion Correction with Frankel II Appliance.










Movement achieved in just 9 months!


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Dr. Abari is the best orthodontist ever. My son, Michael, has the most beautiful teeth ever! — Denise F.

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We mostly went to the San Dimas office but the staff is helpful at both locations. My son's teeth look great and we are looking forward to working again with them. Thank you Dr. Abari  —Maya H.

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Loved my experience at Abari and I am thankful for the new & amazing smile that they helped me achieve!!! — Hannah