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Office Visits

The New Patient Exam

Welcome! The first visit to our office is for you to meet Dr. Abari and Dr. Will and our staff. We will begin getting you acquainted with our office with a mini-tour. Our records technician will take a complimentary set of digital color photos of the face and teeth. Dr. Abari and Dr. Will will evaluate your oral health and discuss your treatment needs and desires, all of this at no cost to you. If treatment is not needed at this time, you will be put on a complimentary observation program where we will see you every six to twelve months until the best time to start active treatment.

Complete Diagnostic Records

If Dr. Abari and Dr. Will determine that the timing is right for you to start treatment, diagnostic records (digital panorex and digital cephalometric x-rays) will be requested. These additional diagnostic tools are needed by Dr. Abari and Dr. Will to determine the best course of treatment and they can be done at this initial appointment. If these additional records are completed, a separate fee will be charged for this expanded service.

Treatment Presentation

After Dr. Abari and Dr. Will has evaluated all of the findings from the initial exam and full diagnostic records, they will formulate a custom treatment plan or “blue print” for your orthodontic care. Once this diagnosis is complete, the findings will be reviewed with you by the Treatment Coordinator. It is best if one or both of the parents can attend this session. We welcome spouses and significant others at adult treatment presentations. The proposed treatment options, treatment time, and cost will be discussed in detail. Our Treatment Coordinator will be happy to explain the payment options to you and work with you to customize a payment plan that fits your needs. We want to fully answer any questions you have and get you started towards a healthy, beautiful smile! Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed as you enter this new world of orthodontics.

Choose Your Look/Types Of Braces

Dr. Abari offers a variety of options in styles of braces or brackets, from the traditional metal brackets to a less visible type. Check out the choices and discuss the options at your first visit.

  • Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces or brackets are the most common type and are made of high-grade stainless steel. Today’s metal braces are much smaller, more comfortable and less noticeable. You also have the option of adding color to your braces at each visit, a fun way to brighten your smile.

  • Clear Braces

Unlike ceramic braces that are opaque, the clear brackets we offer are crystal clear and virtually disappear onto the tooth.

  • Clear Aligners/Invisalign®

Dr. Abari has been trained in Align Technology and is a Certified /Clear Aligners/Invisalign® Provider. Clear Alingers/Invisalign straightens your teeth without brackets or wires, just a series of customized removable appliances called “aligners.” Dr. Abari will be able to determine if Invisalign is right for you at your examination.

Scheduling Regular Appointments

Most people seeking orthodontic treatment have important obligations during the day, such as school or work. Since Dr. Abari and Dr. Will design the individual treatment plans to be very efficient; this minimizes the number of active visits and length of each visit. When active treatment begins, each patient is seen approximately every ten weeks, and some of these appointments will conflict with work or school schedules. We want to work with your school and work hours as much as possible. As you can imagine, a well-organized schedule requires both structure and flexibility.

Because our schedule is carefully crafted, your late arrival can pose a problem. In fairness to the other scheduled patients, should you arrive late, we may find it necessary to reschedule your appointment. If circumstances arise that conflict with your regularly scheduled appointment, we ask for at least forty-eight hours' notice to reschedule that appointment. Missed or broken appointments and numerous appointment changes will inevitably result in extended treatment time and subsequent additional treatment fees.


testimonial quote

Dr. Abari is the best orthodontist ever. My son, Michael, has the most beautiful teeth ever! — Denise F.

testimonial quote

We mostly went to the San Dimas office but the staff is helpful at both locations. My son's teeth look great and we are looking forward to working again with them. Thank you Dr. Abari  —Maya H.

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Loved my experience at Abari and I am thankful for the new & amazing smile that they helped me achieve!!! — Hannah